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Jade Earrings

Jade earrings

There's a Chinese proverb that says "sell all else, but keep your Jade". That shows how much the Chinese people valued their jade because the ancient Chinese used to believe that Jade was the bridge between heaven and earth and also the thread between life and death. Undoubtedly beautiful and extremely popular, this semi precious green stone is used for many jewelry pieces and other accessories. The finest jade jewelry however comes in the shape of jade earrings because quality jade that comes in small pieces can be made use of to create earrings of great beauty.

Unfortunately, many tend to mistake any green colored stone as jade which is not so. Due to its popularity, many unscrupulous vendors get away with palming off soapstone, dyed marble or even green glass as jade. Furthermore, jade is the only stone of its kind that's not valued in carats. When you are buying jade earrings, look for the color and clarity of the stone as well as the texture which is the hallmark of genuine jade.

Although most people mistakenly believe that jade comes only in green, this is not true. While the green jade is the most popular and common, jade does come in all the colors of the rainbow as well as in black and white. The jade that comes in purple is usually known as lavender jade due to its very light purple hue. Keep in mind however, no matter what the color is, any good jade will be rich in its particular color and will let the light shine through it making it look brilliantly transparent. If the piece of jade you are looking at is dull in texture, it probably is not genuine or of a not-so-good quality.

What you should be particular about when buying jade earrings is to look for good craftsmanship. A good jeweler will be able to create a pair of stunning jade earrings from even a very tiny piece of jade; the finished work should have clarity and transparency to bring out the beauty of the stone. If both earrings are of the same size and shape, it means you have a fine piece of jewelry in your hands.

If you are wondering from where to buy jade earrings, the best advice I can give is to buy it from a reputed jeweler who is known to sell genuine jade. Always keep in mind that good jade can be very expensive and if you are offered something at a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is, so be very careful. The setting of the stones in your jade earrings is also very important. A metal of good quality such as gold, sterling silver or white gold will do justice to your jade earrings whereas a cheap metal will lessen the value of your jewelry. You must also ensure that the stones are set tight in their metal frames or they might break loose and fall off without your knowledge.

If you love your jade but cannot afford to pay a lot for a pair of delicate jade earrings, don't worry, there are comparably good pieces of jade that can be bought at affordable prices and you will no doubt be able to buy a lovely pair of jade earrings to suit your budget.

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