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Jade Bangles

Jade Bangles

A piece of jade that is uniform in shape, thickness, diameter, color and luster can be considered a good buy. One of the most versatile pieces of jewelry can be considered a jade bangle, which from time immemorial has been said to bring good luck to the wearer. Always a classic, Jade is known to be literally connected to both heaven and earth and the Chinese are said to swear by it; such is the power this amazing stone holds for them.

At least a little part of their belief seems to have touched the modern woman as well, because there are many who prefer to adorn their wrists with jade bangles than any other item of jewelry. Another reason could be that it is an accessory which goes well with any outfit and can gives a finishing touch for any occasion. Although natural jade does not change color, the clarity of jade can increase with time. The only reason why the jade you wear looks good on your hand than when lying in its box is due to the fact that jade is a material that is meant to be worn and is supposed to be compatible with the body energy.

When buying jade bangles, make sure you buy the genuine jade and not the color enhanced stone which is what is mostly sold these days. The fact is that the jade that comes from the ground does not look very beautiful and has many inclusions in it. But the carvers know that many people would not want to buy jade in that condition and in order to make it saleable they bleach it with acid and fill the pieces with resin to give it the beautiful green jade we love so much. If you are ever able to buy jade bangles for less than $100, you can be sure it's of a low quality and is bound to change color when worn daily due to the heat in your body affecting the stone.

Burmese jade is said to be of the best quality and therefore quite expensive. Chinese Jade on the other hand is also of good quality and natural with a watery green appearance but has a few inclusions in them. Buying jade bangles of Chinese origin is worthwhile because they are genuine and looks beautiful as well.

If you are ever in the market for jade bangles, make sure that you buy them to fit your wrist since too large a bangle will not only look awkward but might also fall free from your wrist and be damaged. Jade being highly fragile, should never be dropped because it's sure to crack or break if it hits against something hard.

Although there are many stores that sell jade jewelry and shops online from which you can buy jade, if you are wondering from where to buy jade bangles, your best option is to visit Myanmar or Chinese jade markets that has a huge collection of very pretty and enticingly green jade bangles, jewelry and sculptures made of jade that can be bought for a few hundred dollars or even hundreds of thousand dollars according to your fancy and your purse. One thing you can be sure of is whether you buy your bangles for a small price or at a great price; you will never regret adding a couple of genuine jade bangles to your wardrobe which will keep on bringing you much joy every time you wear them.

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