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Imperial Jade


Has a High Value for the Chinese.

The Chinese consider Jade as the most valuable of all precious stones and is worn by them to promote good health and also as good luck charms. Jade differs in color and quality and the most valuable of all jade is known as Imperial Jade which is found in Burma. This particular type of jade has elements of Chromium and is a translucent very deep emerald green in color. The other types of jade ranging from pale green to white have iron in them and therefore not considered as valuable as Imperial jade. If you are planning to buy imperial jade you should learn a few things about this precious stone and how to buy imperial jade before setting forth.

Genuine imperial jade is soft when compared to most other stones and is smooth to the touch without any indentations. It has an oily sheen and is translucent, but with areas of condensation which is cloudy in appearance when held against the light. Most Chinese prefer the white jade which is also called "cabbage" jade while people of other cultures prefer the emerald green imperial jade which is one of the reasons for al the fake jade that has come into the market. Whenever you come across jade in unusual colors be wary since most of these pieces are quartz that has been dyed to resemble jade.

One way of testing the true jade is by the sound it makes. Yes. That's right. Genuine Jade has a lovely ring to it when stuck against another piece of jade. A clear silvery bell like sound means that you have a quality piece of jade in your hands. On the other hand if it makes a dull thud, you can be sure that the shop keeper is trying to palm off fake jade on you. If you have ever visited a jade market, you will be amazed at the range of jade there is for sale. Apart from beautiful jade earrings, bracelets and pendants that have been set in gold or silver, you also get the jade figurines, some of which are tiny and delicate while others are massive and unbelievably beautiful. I once saw with my own eyes an amazing landscape carved entirely in green jade with each little segment perfect in every detail. It was of course centuries old and displayed in a Chinese museum.

Always remember that good quality does not come cheap. If someone tries to sell you jade jewelry or some other piece of jade at a bargain price, you can be sure that it's not of good quality or maybe not even jade but a piece of marble or quartz colored and treated to look like jade. If you visit China, you can see the difference in the quality of jade by stepping into a jade market where you can buy a very pretty jade ring for about 15 dollars whereas you will not be able to buy the same ring from a Government certified shop for less than 200 dollars. Surprised? This goes to show how expensive the quality imperial jade is and if you are really interested in buying something of quality you should always visit a reputable trusted seller who will also give you a certificate of authentication for your piece of precious imperial jade.

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