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Chinese Jade Jewelery

jade dragon

As one of the oldest gemstones out there, Chinese jade jewelery has had a long presence in history. Not only is it beautiful; it is also a sign of good health and is revered as the "stone of Heaven" in Chinese cultures. Jade comes in a wide variety of colours, ranging from dark green to a light, opaque green. The question for many jewelery lovers is how they can find the piece of jade they want. They want a good price. They want quality. And most importantly, they want a piece that suits their style.

So where exactly do you start when searching for the perfect piece of Chinese jade jewelery? Before you start shopping, you will need to consider your style. Do you opt for traditional, trendy, or eclectic? If you want a traditional look, search for a piece that features a typical setting, such as a prong set ring.

Jade is sometimes carved into a piece of jewelery without any precious metals. This is because the stone is so sturdy and quite beautiful on its own.

If you are looking for a trendy piece, go for a more stylish look, such as a solitaire surrounded by swirling gold or silver. Chinese jade is often set in white metals, such as sterling and platinum, because the colors complement one another so well. Chinese jade jewelery has been popular practically since the beginning of time.

Jade Jewelery
Contrary to what most people think, jade jewelery does not come in green alone. In fact, there are many other colors of jade, including Chinese red jade and auspicious green and red jade. Green is obviously the most popular color of jade you can find. If you browse the jewelery market, you will find many jade pieces set in sterling silver. The pairing of this stone and precious metal allows you to get a quality piece of jewelery at a relatively low price.

Many Asian cultures believe that they will be protected from danger and bad luck, according to gem experts. Chinese jade has also been used to make belts with mythical creatures, such as dragons and other symbols related to Asian culture. Many pieces represent trends that were popular in the past-between centuries of the past. Oftentimes, you will find a jade pendant with a gold symbol or animal engraved in it. These pieces are especially valued, because they are representative of Asian culture.

If you find yourself wondering what type of jade jewelery is out there, check out online websites by doing a search on jade or jade jewelery. Chances are that you will find a plethora of choices as well as information about the meaning and make up of jade.

Some jade pieces feature gold plating, which helps drive down cost and give you a great piece of jewelery all at the same time.

Chinese jade jewelery is no exception. Some jewelers that make jade jewelery do not use precious metals. Instead, they use ornamental string to create a simple, yet eclectic look.

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