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Buying Jade

carved jade figurine

Most people like buying jade for their precious stones and jewelry collection but get fooled very often as it's not very easy to identify the difference between real jade and fake jade. But that has not prevented people from buying it as jade jewelry looks really neat so people cannot resist buying it. If you too had been planning to buy jade jewelry but are not very sure how to choose the right kind of jade for yourself, read on.

Jade that is transparent or semi-transparent is always valued higher than colored jade. Remember the more clearer you find it to be; the more it will increase in its value. Also pick up jade pieces that don't have any flaws that can be observed on it.

The best quality of jade is the one that is referred to as A-grade jade. This is the jade that can be found in its natural and unprocessed state. If you buy it, you will be totally satisfied as it is jade in its purest form. Avoid buying jade that is of B-grade or C-grade quality.

While buying jade always visit a jewelry shop that you trust or a jeweler who has already earned a decent reputation for himself. If you have any doubt regarding the quality of the jade, ask questions till your doubt is cleared. Don't buy until and unless you have got all the answers to your doubts. Many dealers will sell you fake jade - such fake jade is actually quartz that has been dyed.

Try to pick up the jadeite - a mineral form of jade; although it will cost you more, it is rarer than nephrite - the other mineral form of jade. You can have more color options if you buy jadeite. Choose a jade stone that has a powerful color - green is loved by a majority of jade lovers and is always in demand.

So the next time you plan to pick some jade pieces, keep all these things in your mind. Always learn as much as you can about precious stones as that will help you from being cheated and disappointed when you don't get genuine stones in spite of paying a bomb for them. You will also feel satisfied that your precious stones collection is totally authentic. To put it in short - buying jade needs a bit of patience and time - doing that will help you to get a genuine piece for yourself.

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