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Buying Jade Jewelery

jade jewelery

Whenever I think of Jade jewelery, my mind goes back to my trip to Beijing and the amazing array of jade jewelery that I saw there. Every little shop had so much jade in the form of jewelry, figurines and ornaments that I just didn't know what to select. The other problem you have in a place like China is that the range of jade is so vast; you become really confused when you are told two vastly different prices for the same piece of jade.

Jade is indeed very exciting. It makes you think of the mystique east, the cool tranquil colors of a lake or the shimmering waves of the sea in sunlight. There is something so absolutely appealing in jade that to possess at least one piece, no matter how expensive it is becomes more than a yearning when you see the enthrallingly beautiful pieces of jade jewelry that is laid out to tempt your senses and dazzle your eyes.

I bought a piece of jade jewelery for my sister and she absolutely adores it and wears it all the time because jade is supposed to bring you luck. I wish I could have bought more, the beautiful green jade necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets that looked like raindrops on the wrist. You can get them in any setting you like; either silver or gold and some of them so intricately set that they take your breadth away. Although there was jade jewelery in other colors such as black and pink; to me, green jade was the best and there were oh many pendants delicate and fragile looking to the more trendy looking chunky pieces carved and embellished with inlays of silver and gold.

You walk into a jade jewelery store in China and you will never want to walk out. Beautiful little jade hearts with tiny pearls set into them or jade flowers with hearts of gold, tiny jade fishes with ruby eyes and beautiful jade crosses, strung on the thinnest of silver chains, simple yet elegant and perfect to be given as a gift to a child.

You can buy Jade jewelry in the form of pretty earrings that can be matched to the pendant or if you can afford, buy the complete set and you will not need any other piece of jewelery to make you feel perfectly dressed for any occasion. As for jade rings, those little pieces enhance the look of your hands and make them look ethereally beautiful because jade jewelry has a way of making even the most plain looking person feel lifted up and energetic.

If you are seriously planning to buy jade jewelery, you must make sure whether you wish to buy the costly jadeite or the less expensive nephrite. One way of checking the quality is by holding a light under the piece to see how intense the color is. Of course the salesman will always try to convince that what he's selling is the best. But be prepared and take someone who knows about jade before you buy a very costly piece of jade jewelry. A genuine piece of jade is one that has never been treated with any chemicals or dyes to change its color.

Once you have purchased your perfect piece of jade jewelery, take care of it by keeping it away from direct sunlight which is not good for jade. Always remember to wash it with a mild soap and water after wearing it so that it's pure magical beautify will always be there, looking more exotic and more mystical than ever before.

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