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Here are some tips you can use when you decide you want to buy jade.

Firstly there is a lot of different types of jade such as early antique style jade from hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Mostly this is Chinese jade from one of the early dynasties and can be extremely expensive. Then you have the later jade such as carved by the Maoris in New Zealand., These can be hundreds of years old also but mostly are fairly recent carvings. Then you get the modern day jade as used in jewelery from your local jewelers.

So the first step is to know what you want before you buy. Usually a person makes that decision on the basis of having seen something in jade that caught their eye and which they found very pleasing or attractive. They found something in the jade article they felt they could appreciate. Usually it was an art form object or a piece of jewelery.

Whatever it is, the basic principles of buying jade still apply.

1. Know what you want. Lots of browsing for the types of jade you are looking for will get you a lot of examples. If you are looking for some antique style jade from a former Chinese Dynasty, for example, antique fairs, auction houses and private collections are probably the best places to look. Basic jade jewelery can be found in many specialist jewelery stores and one can, of course, surf the net for the sort of thing one is looking for.

2. The budget is the next point to look at. How much do you want to spend? If money is no object of course you can bypass this point. If money is a consideration then for the type and quality of jade you are looking for a good criteria is to spend at the top of your budget so you get the best possible for your dollar.

3. Know your seller, or dealer. Of course one would not buy from someone with no credentials. No address or phone number. Off the back of a truck so to speak. Pick the best and most reputable auction houses, antique fairs, jewelery dealers and, if you decide to check out eBay, then the best power sellers with a reputation to uphold is probably your best bet. Obviously, whom ever you buy from, you want to be sure they are fully contactable and that they have a returns policy if the jade does not match the description advertised.

4. If delivery or shipping is required and the jade is of some value, then a reliable shipper and shipping insurance is a must.

Basic common sense and doing some due diligence, especially if buying jade from the internet is concerned is the sensible thing to do. To buy jade can be an exciting thing and seeing your treasured piece when it arrives home is well worth all the effort that has gone into buying your jade.

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