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How to Buy Chinese Jade

Chinese jade buddha

Buying Chinese jade is really quite simple and you can buy Chinese jade in a number of places. One of the easiest ways to find the gemstone for sale is online through a simple search like 'buy Chinese jade onlin', where you can find the stone. There are so many other options for shopping as well such as jewelers, jewelry stores and even pawn shops.

A Brief Look at the History of Chinese Jade
To begin to understand the importance of jade in the Chinese culture you would have to go back to the years 58-147 in which the ruler, Xu Zhen defined jade as the beautiful stones. He did this in the first Chinese dictionary which was titled Shuo Wen Jie Zi. In Chinese culture jade is typically referring to soft jade or nephrite. There is also hard jade which is known as jadeite. This stone however is rarer and far more expensive than the other. However it is not the one that was most often used in Chinese history as it was not available there for some time.

The Significance of Chinese Jade
In the Chinese culture jade is representative of virtue and love. Further when someone was wearing pendent the stone in a pendent that they would be protected from evil during travels. There was also a belief that jade was able to heal someone from a variety of ailments. If someone had some type of internal problem or a problem with their kidneys they might even be instructed to crush up the stone and eat it or drink it. By doing this it was believed that they would be healed. The healing was also thought to occur when someone wore a bangle bracelet. The bangle bracelet would have to be mostly jade and so in ancient Chinese times there were a lot of people who would wear this type of bracelet. These bracelets are still popular in markets today and can be seen all over the world coming form the Chinese culture.

Immortality was believed to come from the stone and for those who did not believe this there was still the belief that it could keep a body from decaying. Therefore most people chose to be buried with some type of the stone. There was an emperor who took this to extremes and had an entire outfit or suit made out of the stone to be worn when he was dead. This suit was thought to bring him eternal life and that it would protect him from the elements. Confucius believed that there were 11 De or virtues in jade. The stone came to be known as something that was important to humanity. Some other common beliefs were that the stone could get someone into heaven. So the gemstone was actually thought to have a number of mystical and magical properties that greatly changed how the people would use the stone.

Reasons for jade
The stone was also thought to promote beauty in the wearer. Plus the stone has been thought to be virtuous. This is for a number of different reasons as each part of the stone was analyzed with a specific meaning. The stone is known for being polished and brilliant and this was representative purity. The compactness and hardness of the stone were thought to represent intelligence. The angles of the stone is sharp however it does not cut, this was thought to represent justice. Finally since the stone makes a specific sound when struck this was thought to be representative of music. The color was thought to represent loyalty. Since the stone is so transparent the inner flaws are always visible which they felt represented sincerity while the brightness was a reflection from heaven. Since jade was thought to come from the mountain of water then they believed that this was representative of the earth. If the stone is alone and there is no other ornamentation then it is believed to represent chastity. Since the stone is expensive no matter where you travel the values placed on the stone represent the truth. Even the mentions the stone in many different areas such as the verse which states "When I think of a wise man, his merits appear to be like jade."

A popular saying in the Chinese culture is "Gold has a value; jade is invaluable." There are a number of other phrases in the Chinese culture where this stone has been used. This is because of the stone's representation of grace, beauty and purity. Some of these phrases are "Yu Jie Bing Qing" which means pure and noble. Another one is "Ting Ting Yu Li" which means fair, slim and graceful. Plus there is "Yu Nv" which stands for beautiful girl.

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